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Specialist property matters and disputes solicitors helping you with all property related matters. Property FAQS………….

1. Does a property need to be in my name in order for me to have an interest in it?

The short answer is no. It is however advisable to seek expert legal help as these type of cases are very facts specific.

2. My name is not on the deeds but I have contributed towards the purchase price of a property. Do I have a claim?

If you have invested money into a property, either by way of contributing towards the purchase price, mortgage payments or renovations, even if you are not the legal owner, you may still have a beneficial interest in the property, or the property may be held on trust for you.

3. I lived with my partner for many years but we were never married. Our home is in my partner’s name but I have contributed towards mortgage payments and bills. Do I have interest in the property?

A property does not need to be in your name in order for you to have an interest in it.

You may have an interest in a property if you have financially contributed towards the purchase price or made mortgage payments or financially contribute towards renovations. Each case is very facts specific so please seek expert legal advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

4. How much will it cost?

Our pricing is on our website however depending on the circumstances, we may be able to offer various ways of funding your case. Speak to us today to discuss your circumstances.

We try to offer flexible funding options to our clients.

5. I do not think I can afford legal fees.

Whilst we do not offer legal advice on a legal aid basis, we do try, depending on the circumstances, to offer a variety of damages based and no win no fee agreements.

6. Do you hold remote appointments?

Yes, we do. We tend to use Zoom for remote appointments but are flexible and are able to accommodate and use other platforms (such as MS Teams etc).

7. I have never dealt with a legal case. Will I be able to understand what is going on?

We always explain everything in plain English. We pride ourselves on being very approachable and transparent. We always ensure that you are kept updated of your matter and that you are comfortable with the steps and strategy as agreed between us. Clear and regular communication with our clients is a priority at Ventura Law.

8. Will our conversations be confidential?

Yes, of course. We uphold client confidentiality at the forefront of everything we do.

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Property FAQSHimanshu has been in the profession for over 25 years and is an experienced and highly skilled commercial lawyer, litigator and employment law adviser. He is analytical, methodical and always strives to ensure the best outcome is achieved for his clients.

Himanshu regularly represents directors, as well as shareholders and business owners in the range of legal matters that can arise. He is particularly experienced in employment disputes, and issues between partners, shareholders and directors.

Himanshu is also regularly instructed by other lawyers, accountants, doctors, dentists, surveyors, etc in their legal matters.

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