Property Matters And Disputes

Specialist property matters and disputes solicitors helping you with all property related matters.

We specialise in property matters and disputes.

We all know someone who has been involved in a financial dispute with family or friends or neighbours. It is astonishing how often parties fall out with each other over property ownership. We tackle all kinds of property related matters.

We have considerable expertise in property co-ownership disputes.

It is unfortunately a very common occurrence for there to be a financial dispute with family, friends or even business partners.

It is astonishing how often parties fall out with each other over property ownership.

We understand there can be frustrations that arise with the co-ownership of a property, which is why our expert team can take you through the best steps to achieve the outcome you want.

We have a wealth of experience dealing with co-ownership disputes, and have found that the sooner legal advice is sought, the quicker and easier it is to protect your assets.

We can help you with a number of co-ownership claims, including:

  • Wanting to sell a property but the co-owner wants to keep it.
  • Wanting to retain a property but the co-owner wants to sell.
  • Co-ownership of an inherited property
  • Co-ownership of a commercial property

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“Himanshu helped me along a very difficult path and advised me all the way, with a fantastic end result. I have no hesitation in recommending his firm.”

Evelyn Cupit

We have experience in dealing with retail and office space both for new businesses and for established clients looking for more space. Prior to commencing any work we take the time to understand a client’s business needs so that we can tailor our service to that client and genuinely add value.

Given the soaring premium paid for land and the increasing propensity towards development and overcrowding it is becoming increasingly common for land and property to become the subject of a dispute. Whether it is a boundary issue with a neighbour or a claim for adverse possession, our team have the expertise and experience that can be depended upon.

Our specialist expertise in this field comes not only from our knowledge of dispute resolution and litigation but also from our experience of acting in all levels of property transactions.

Our main areas of work include:

  • Resolving property disputes relating to beneficial interests and trusts
  • All aspects of commercial lease related matters including disputes, forfeiture, dilapidations and breaches of lease
  • Boundary disputes, adverse possession, rights of way
  • Sale and purchase of commercial leases (acting for landlord or tenant)
  • Acting for developers
  • Planning issues
  • Negotiating & advising on heads of terms
  • Securitisation and mortgage related disputes

About Ventura Law

Property Matters and DisputesHimanshu has been in the profession for over 25 years and is an experienced and highly skilled commercial lawyer, litigator and employment law adviser. He is analytical, methodical and always strives to ensure the best outcome is achieved for his clients.

Himanshu regularly represents directors, as well as shareholders and business owners in the range of legal matters that can arise. He is particularly experienced in employment disputes, and issues between partners, shareholders and directors.

Himanshu is also regularly instructed by other lawyers, accountants, doctors, dentists, surveyors, etc in their legal matters.

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“Himanshu was extremely professional, knowledgeable and very supportive whilst advising me.
He has excellent at listening and grasped immediately what the key points of the case were. His negotiation skills are superb and the positive result of my case is evidence of this. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Kathryn Tackley