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Professional Negligence – Architects

At Ventura Law, we have experience of dealing successfully with professional negligence claims against architects in relation to both individual and commercial projects.

To bring a successful claim in professional negligence against an architect, you will need to show that your architect failed to meet their professional standards and /or breached their contract or agreement with you.

A claim may be brought by the architect’s client, but in certain circumstances third parties may also be able to bring an action against the professional.

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Some examples of architect’s negligence include:

  • Preparing unsuitable design and plans for a new property/commercial installation;
  • Failing to obtain appropriate and/or correct planning permission;
  • Negligent design advice;
  • Draft/prepare tender documentation and approve/appoint a contractor;
  • Failing to properly supervise and/or administer works; and
  • Certify works which have been carried out poorly by contractors

As with all claims of that nature, a financial loss as a result of the architect’s negligence and/or breach of contract will need to be shown. Without a financial loss, there is no claim. This could be manifested in many ways, for example:

  • having to instruct a new architect
  • having to hire a new building team to redo certain, or even all, elements of the project
  • if you are unable to sell the property because of the architect’s negligence.

Early advice is vital in assessing the viability and merits of such a claim.

At Ventura Law we have the expertise and experience of dealing with cases of high value and complexity.

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Professional Negligence – Architects
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