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Professional Negligence

Be it in business or in our personal lives, we all have numerous dealings with professionals. You may have engaged a professional who just didn’t get it or what they did get, they got wrong. Unfortunately, there are occasions when either the quality of service or the outcome or result of those dealings with a professional does not meet the required standards. If you believe a professional has acted negligently or fraudulently, or if you consider they have breached the terms of their agreement with you, we can assist. You may have received poor advice or suffered loss because of something a professional did or did not do. Early advice is vital in assessing the viability and merits of such a claim. The law in this field is highly developed and we have the expertise and experience of dealing with cases of high value and complexity. We can help you with claims against many types of professionals involved, including:
  • Solicitors or barristers
  • Architects,
  • Surveyors, valuers, building firms,
  • Engineers,
  • Financial advisors,
  • Accountants
  • Insurance professionals
  • Medical professionals, including doctors / dentists

Insurance Litigation

You pay for your insurance and hope you’ll never need it. So, it’s a real kick in the teeth when you do actually need to rely on your insurance and the insurance company find some excuse or another not to pay.

It is commonly held belief that if an insurance company can delay a claim being processed, they will delay it. If they can find a reason to pay less than claimed, they will under-pay. If they can find a reason not to pay altogether, then they will not pay at all. When an insurance company fails to honour your coverage, it can have serious consequences to your finances or to your business. Having an insurance claim denied or undervalued or being pushed from pillar to post is unfortunately all too common. Our expert knowledge in this field will help to assess whether or not a potential claim against an insurer is viable or advisable. We will consider your particular circumstances as a whole and use our not only our legal expertise but also our business and commercial experience in dealing with the knock on effects of insurance litigation, such as cash flow, trade creditors and other related commercial problems. We can help you with:
  • Disputes over insurance and re-insurance coverage
  • Claims for business interruption
  • 3rd party claims for uninsured losses
  • Claims denied on breach of warranty or general condition or reduced for under-insurance
  • Directors and officers insurance, fiduciary, professional liability and fidelity coverage
  • Employers’ liability
  • Occupier’s liability and public liability
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