We found ourselves in a horrible and very difficult legal dispute.

Having known of Himanshu by local reputation we turned to him for help.

Our case was not only legally and factually complex but crossed a number of highly involved and historic relationships and emotions.

Himanshu tirelessly found solutions to these issues, laid down our options clearly and in terms we understood – we always knew the risks attached to decisions and were clearly informed of potential outcomes.

The matter successfully concluded thanks entirely to Himanshu and his team.

They were accessible, professional and at all times realistic – this helped us from a trust with them that enabled us to achieve a successful outcome AGAINST ALL ODDS.

Himanshu is highly skilful, entirely dedicated to his profession, he works extremely hard to benefit his clients and is creative in his approach to seemingly brick wall situations.

He broke down all the brick walls in our dispute and for that I will be forever grateful.