Kerry Ball

Kerry Ball:

Kerry is our Accounts Manager and joined Ventura Law in June 2014. She is responsible for payment queries, invoicing, accounts as well as providing administrative support to all fee earners.

Himanshu Batra:

Himanshu Batra is one of a kind. He approaches cases with a professor’s zeal to know everything there is to know, a knowledge of people and how best to achieve their objectives, and an artist’s creativity open to new ideas and solutions. He started this firm to practice law his way – to boil a case down to its winnable components and get stuck in. Himanshu has been in the profession for almost 20 years and has honed his skills to a fine art. He specialises in people. And their problems. And their solutions. How Himanshu handles a case isn’t the way the crowd does it.

Joanna Ensor:

Joanna’s calm and collected approach to any problem coupled with her strength and tenacity when dealing with an opponent are a winning combination. Joanna looks at a problem and finds a solution. Then she makes it happen. She’s good at that. Joanna’s experience in dispute resolution, be it in a high value commercial dispute or one involving families that requires managing not only the legalities necessary but also the personalities involved, has put her in good stead to handle all types of dispute with expert knowledge and skill. Offering practical and specialist legal advice whilst still remaining cost effective is something Joanna excels in. Her ability to focus on the issues that matter whilst never losing sight of the commercial viability of a case, allows Joanna to achieve outstanding results for her clients, usually without the need to go to trial. Joanna has been practising law for 10 years. She was thrown in at the deep end and she’s been swimming like a champion ever since.

Sharan Batra:

Sharan’s greatest strength has always been her relationship with her clients. Sharan has acted for a repeat, loyal client base including their families and their friends for over 15 years! Specialising in resolving problems and pulling positive results out of the bag is what Sharan does best. Time and again, Sharan has achieved outstanding successes for her clients entirely against the odds much to her clients’ astonishment and delight. She has successfully fought for her clients’ corner in a variety of different legal cases. Sharan’s rate of success and level of service is simply exceptional.
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