Where there is a will, there are 500 relatives.


We can guide you through the process of making a valid Will to ensure that your estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes.  

If you die without a Will or your Will is not valid then your estate is distributed according to the intestacy rules.  

These rules are often not suitable for modern family circumstances. In some situations distribution according to these rules is not tax efficient and in some instances can lead to inheritance tax being payable on the death when it otherwise may not have been. 

We offer fixed fee estimates for our Will drafting services so that you know the cost before proceeding. 


A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to appoint one or more people (known as ‘Attorneys’) to help you make decisions on your behalf. 

There are two types of LPA; Health and Welfare and Property and Financial Affairs.  

Making an LPA now whilst you still can will allow your loved ones to deal with your assets and /or to make decisions about your health care if you’re unable to do so yourself.  

If you were to lose capacity in the future without an LPA in place it may leave your family with no choice but to apply to the Court of Protection for assistance. This can be very costly.   

Call us on 01494 590 581 to have a no obligation conversation to discuss your requirements. We can explain the process in more detail and provide you with a competitive quote. 


We deal with all aspects of estate administration and can guide you through this often complicated and lengthy process. 

Depending on whether the person who passed away left a Will or not will determine what type of Grant you will require in order to administer the estate.   

We can assist you in completing all the necessary HMRC forms, collecting assets and distributing these to beneficiaries. Please click here to be taken to our Price transparency page for further information.

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